Manage your cloud

Simply quote, design and deploy enterprise cloud infrastructure.
Save up to 80% of your operational costs!

Supported Cloud Providers

Amazon Webservices
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud

Cloud Management

A single-pane-of-glass provides an immediate, accurate inventory of your organisation's cloud-based assets regardless of which provider actually hosts them.

Pricing and quotes

Our cloud calculator will help you gain an edge on the competition by always offering the best solution and the lowest cost.

Quote & Estimate

Quickly draft up a prospect's environment and easily play what-if with different scenarios to find the best architectural fit at the most attractive price-point.

Compare & Decide

Compare cloud providers' offerings and pricing and draft multiple cross- and multi- cloud scenarios easily all from the same web-based interface.

Analyse & Report

Analyse and reports in a standardised way, permitting true apples-to-apples comparisons and decision-making.

Manage cloud inventories

Making life easier by discovering the inventory already present in the cloud environment and integrating its findings into a comprehensive web interface.

Cloud Architecture

Compose, review and improve a (hybrid) cloud design while collaborating with experts of different specialisation, like architects, network engineers, economic analysts. The only way to get the most out of your cloud setup!

Virtual workspaces

Want to propose a more efficient design without actually consuming resources? We got you covered, workspaces give you the freedom to experiment, resize and analyze adjustments without any additional cost.


Level the playing field, so regardless of whether your organisation is just testing the waters with a few small cloud-based workloads or is going all-in on cloud, we have your scenario covered.

Accelerate migrations

Speed up your cloud transition with ease by assisting (pre)sales, implementation and maintenance phases. We automate your automation and integrating with your existing toolbox.

Inventory synchronization

With our API synchronization options, every change get noticed and synergies with your GitOps workflow. Freeing up time of your valuable DevOps teams.

No code required

We provide a no-code environment abstracting away the different and constantly changing proprietary web portals offered by the different cloud vendors and permits your organisation to implement fine-grained permissions and other policies.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

A comprehensive web interface making life easier for enterprise architects, analysts, economics, configuration managers as well as DevOps engineers.

Invite team members

Collaborate and share with other team members to learn from one another and get the best results.

Project view

Calculate, implement and maintain your cloud inventories like never before.

Cloud Calculator

Gain a competitive edge by offering the best solution at the lowest cost.

Cloud Inventory

A single-pane-of-glass providing immediate & accurate overview of your cloud inventory.


Get notified on changes in your inventory, with our fine-grained notifications system.

Role-based Access

Assign roles and control access to a project on a need-to-know bases.


Visualize & analyse workloads to help you improve your stack while spending less!

Continuous Integration

By using our pipelines you keep track of changes and stay in control of your cloud consumption.

Trusted by enterprises

By combining current standard and policies within a tool catering each phase of a project with a highly trained experts will reek substantial benefits.

Faster Time To Market
Operational Cost Savings
Improved collaboration

Stay on top of your cloud

CloudTomatoes was created from the real needs of enterprise architects, cloud economics specialists and DevOps engineers to solve the most complex problems they face in their everyday work.

“The creators of CloudTomatoes come from the actual trenches of IT & know how annoying it is to have a useful tool that doesn't integrate with the rest of your tool-chest.”

Bas van de Wiel, Cloud Architect
Bas van de Wiel, Cloud Native Architect
Inbox user interface

Better understand your cloud environment

We combine your cloud inventory with additional information from several sources to give you a better understanding of your workloads. Helping you to make better informed decisions and implementing changes fully automated.

Customer profile user interface
People working on laptops

Valuable Metrics

Get actionable data that will help tune your cloud consumption

Research shows that most enterprises are bringing workloads to the cloud. Although easy to start consuming resources, +80% of companies struggle with getting a clear overview of spending, ownership, audit trail and purpose.

~90% Enterprises tend to spend too much on their cloud consumption.

+80% Cloud Economics struggle with traceable spending, budgets & forecasts.

+75% Cloud Architects feel they spend too much time with repetitive tasks.

~98% DevOps see the benefit of enhanced automation.

Extend with integrations

Import & Export

Synchronize your cloud inventory across multiple cloud providers into unified usable information.


Don't spend weeks writing infrastructure-as-code! Let us do it for you, reducing months of work too seconds.

Visualize & Analyze

Powerful visualizations are a click away, generating diagrams, geographical charts and more.


Adopting our API's and automation pipeline in your tool-chest will save you a lot of repetitive tedious work!